X-treme Holidays

X-treme holidays.

In the past holidays were a trip down to the sea or an aeroplane journey to another place on the Earth. Any destination was no more than one day away. As the transport became faster and faster, the destination seemed to be nearer and journey times became shorter. However, once travel to space became cheap and easy and the furthest moons had been landed on and bases set up it was then possible to take holidays there.
Some of the moons and planets have unique features that make holidays even more popular than before. After all, since almost every planet and moon is lifeless and barren why visit there when you can have an X-treme holiday that you'll NEVER forget.

Abseil on Miranda

Vital Statistics.

Name: Miranda
Primary: Uranus
Date: 1948
Discoverer: Kuiper
Distance from Sun: 2,870,000,000 km
Distance from Primary:       129,000 km
Diameter: 480 km
Mass: 0.18 x 1021 kg
Density: 1,300 kg/m3
Gravity: 0.0214
Primary Orbit Time: 0.0038 years
Surface Temperature: -200°C
Craters: Yes
Volcanic: No
Comments: Looks like a jig saw puzzle


The X-treme holidays.

    The Moon.

Special this year.

Next year there is the chance to see the Phobos Olympics! Why not book your holiday on Phobos around the time of the Olympics and do the two in one. Early booking for this is vital.

The Phobos Olympics.

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